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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Padron, Panic & Peaty Scotch
Part of the weekly Triple-feature series–a smoke, a drink, and a movie ;)

As the title of the post suggests, Tuesday's triple feature was a Padron Anniversary 1964, the movie Panic starring William H. Macy, and some Auchentoshan Scotch.

Firstly, I have got to mention that I've never before smoked a cigar that has a numbered band. Padron mentions on their website that the double-banding is a counterfeiting prevention. Still, it's impressive.

Before lighting the cigar, I read a review or two to get an idea of what to expect. Of the few different brands and vitolas I've smoked so far, this was one of the more elegant. It had plenty of body, and as other reviewers pointed out, it was consistent from foot to cap, with no significant variations in flavor. If there were any such ebbs and flows in tastes they were subtle, such as the touch of leather that came in the middle of the burn. The nuttiness mentioned by others escaped my notice, but the character of espresso was there evenly from start to finish.

Since the Padron was a particularly fine cigar by reputation, I made a point to not sip too much Auchentoshan too often, figuring the smoke was deserving of my palate's undivided attention. Even still, I realized quickly this Scotch was not a good choice for this cigar. If there had been a prominent spiciness to the smoke, then the peat in the drink would have had something to play off. A bourbon or Irish spirit would have been a better choice. Lesson learned.

As for the movie, it stank. Netflix's description of Panic as a subtle dark comedy led me to believe there would be some humor, dark or otherwise, somewhere, anywhere. Fine actors all, but they were stuck with a predictable and plodding story. Panic only if you're forced to watch it. Thank goodness I had an excellent cigar to keep me company–it carried the night.

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