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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Gurkha On The Side

While out shopping today I thought to check in on the local smoke shop to see if there was anything new. I was pleasantly surprised to find the four items pictured: a Perdomo Habano, an OSA SOL from CAO, a Gurkha Seduction, and an AVO Heritage. Who'd of thunk it? Such grand smokes with funny names at an out of the way cigar (and candle) shop–Blue Ridge Tobacco, by the way.

I'm so very tempted to get that OSA SOL and light it up, but I'll exercise a little self-control and give it some time in the humidor. And I'll take a tip from Logan Lawler and leave all today's purchases in cellophane to see what difference that makes.

When someone starts to get a little serious about cigars, it's hard to know what's what, all at once. It's a matter of willingness to experiment and be open to new things whether they look strange, or are strangely named. I never thought I'd like a cigar with a name like Gurkha--it made me think of a kosher dill, something on the side. But now I think otherwise, and don't ya think they have the most kick-ass bands, and box art? Besides a fine smoke, of course.


  1. Nice smokes. As you were saying, you can try all kinds of things with your smokes, because you bought them! I will often smoke something out of a store immediately, then store some for contrasts later. Gurkha's seem to really mellow out with time in the humidor. That being said, leaving something in its wrapper will protect it from a neighboring wrapper but don't be afraid to let some mingle together, they may produce a different flavor all together. It's fun, enjoy!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Didn't know that commingling the sticks would affect the wrappers that much, but makes sense. The shops I go to are usually diligent about keeping the walk-in at a reasonable rel. humidity, so sometimes I too will smoke a fresh-bought.