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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trifecta: Cigar, Whiskey, and a Movie
Part of the weekly Triple-feature series–a smoke, a drink, and a movie ;)

I lack a man-cave, and smoking cigars outdoors in the winter is a bummer, at least up in the mountains. I can make myself only so comfortable on the deck. A warm coat helps, but without the creature comforts, the smoke still isn't what it could be.

Thankfully, Netflix got around to making their app available for my Xoom Android tablet, so now I can enjoy a good smoke, a little whiskey, and a movie to boot. Tonight's smoke is an El Baton Robusto from J.C. Newman, the whiskey is Scotch, and the movie is Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.

The El Baton is all-Nicaraguan, and the cigar's profile mentions oak, leathery transitions, and nuttiness, among other things. After the ignition stage, let's say a quarter-inch past the foot, I could taste the nuttiness and the oak. The leathery taste came in the second-third, and remained 'till the end, while the nuttiness and oak petered out about halfway. Tasty through and through.

Now for the movie–it was a stitch. One of the better dark-comedies I've seen lately. In the Appalachian mountains we have plenty of tourists, and part-time residents who assume that when they hear banjo music, it's time to paddle faster. The stereotypes are, most times, unwarranted. Most times. Tucker and Date are two such victims of this social and class prejudice. You might recognize Alan Tudyk, who plays Tucker, from Serenity and most recently ABC's Suburgatory. Tyler Labine plays Dale, who turns out the be the hapless hero. The two pull off the good ol' boy duo as well as any others that have tried.

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