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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Pre-Christmas Sampler

For the weekend before Christmas I picked up these four cigars; the Brick House because I caught a tweet during the week from the J.C. Newman Cigar folks about that line; the Decade because I've gone through a couple boxes and I still like 'em; the Hoyo De Monterrey because I tried one a few weeks ago and enjoyed it very much; and the CAO because I've been curious about these for a while.

I smoked the Brick House on Friday and was pleasantly surprised. It was the first Nicaraguan cigar I've smoked, and immediately afterwards I bought a handful more. I've always like the Cuesta-Rey brand, but the Brick Houses have quite a bit more oomph to them, similar to, but not as complex as the Rocky Patel Edges.

The CAO Brazilia was my companion, along with some Bushmills Blackbush, while grilling some burgers in thirty-something degree weather tonight. I enjoyed it--seemed to have a sweet woodiness throughout. I'm eager to try the OSA Sol as my next CAO cigar.

Over the next couple days the outdoor temperature should rise a bit, and I'll endeavor to get to the Decade and the Excalibur Dark Knight, and follow up with impressions of those two.

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